Medicidiom is fueled by the strength of our students and online nature that creates endless opportunities. Each student has a personal, customized path that is specifically built for their goals, skill level and pace.

Licensed teachers and licensed business professionals that want to assist international doctors. A team of linguistic specialists from Canada and Spain helping health professionals break down language barriers. Our specialty is preparing physicians for international work placements and exams. This is your one stop access to: accent coaching, language classes, translations, and document editing.

Medicidiom teachers are TESL qualified native speakers, with 10+ years of professional medical insurance and pharmaceutical experience. Your online teacher has worked with international students from various points of the globe so you can rest assured that they will adapt to your learning needs. Try our proven teaching methodologies that; give your proposals the winning edge, make your presentations shine, and boost your confidence to connect with colleagues and patients.

Our virtual classrooms are fully equipped with HD video/audio. a shareable whiteboard, notes, recording and much more.

We’re incredibly proud of our program, which focuses on encouraging intellectual risks, high engagement and academic curiosity that overcomes all classroom and geographical barriers. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Founded on a strong belief in accessible education, Medicidiom is proud to bring academia to all corners of the world through our personally developed online program. Each year our student community grows and strengthens, and our alumni graduate as passionate and curious learners.

Regardless of where they are located, our students receive customized, high-quality education from a licensed Canadian teacher who is always available through online channels. We’re here to provide the flexible learning experience you need.


I contacted Talithia by a recommendation to make my doctoral thesis defense in english and it was perfect. Talithia is very kind and adaptable for your requirements. She is also very easy to interact and her classes are ejoyable and useful (she is skilled in medical terminology and specificities). Moreover, she deeply get involve in your necesities and I have to say that without her, my thesis dissertation would not have been so appreciated by the comitee and the audience that it was. I also strongly recommend her!