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What’s Available

Do you have a document you need to have in correct English? We as young professionals know the difficulty in finding quality editing, review and translation services at an affordable price. We give you reliable revisions and reproductions of:

  • medical articles and journals

  • patient history files

  • standard and technical professional written documents

  • forms, reports, and letters

  • websites and marketing materials

  • ask us about more…

You can submit your document for a free quote or book a consultation below to discuss your work in more detail.


For short documents less than 5000 words

Now when you publish a medical journal that is 5000 words or less and just needs a quick review with feedback from a Native English peer, you don’t have to pay-per-word! For 25€ your document can be reviewed with feedback on changes you need to make before submitting it to your publisher. That’s a saving of up to 75€!


Exceeding Expectations

We understand that some of our clients have an excellent level of both languages themselves and they just need another language expert to review their work. We offer a 100% editing review of your work with packages at reasonable rates.
A complete review of your document keeping source content and correcting any grammatical or native language errors; includes localization error correction.


Committed to Quality

Each translation is produced and reviewed by an English and Spanish native speaker, resulting in the most accurate translation possible. These translations are done with local and regional adaptions so that it attracts your consumer in the right way. Our translators have regional knowledge and native backgrounds.


Three easy steps to get your free quote.

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You never pay twice for revisions of the same work -price per word impacts only new text submissions. Complete the form below and submit your document to get a quote.

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After receiving your quote if you wish to proceed

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