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Essential communication for medical staff and patients

It’s important to have technical skills in medicine, but it’s not enough…Doctors and nurses must also have effective communication skills. You don’t only communicate with patients but the patient’s friends and family. Explaining instructions and procedures about sensitive matters can be difficult to convey in a sympathetic manner. This material allows you that practice in a variety of situations.


Preparation centred on your “Speaking English Proficiency”. We combined TOEFL methods and examples into medical, science and health topics for your relevant study needs. To help you to study smarter and not harder.

If you have a busy schedule, you will find classes are conveniently virtual so you can schedule your session when it’s most appropriate for you! Our online ‘Zoom’ class allows you to speak face to face with a TESOL certified, medical field experienced teacher. This interactive classroom allows you to take notes, use the whiteboard, complete assignments and exercises. Check out our packages to help you prepare for the USMLE exam.

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You will get only the vocabulary you want, presented in context. With tons of activities for you to use in practice, makes learning fast and easy.

The idea of learning new grammar can seem exhausting,  and reward-less. Doctors spend so much time studying dense material and there’s a better way than memorizing. You get to practice grammar related to specific patient interactions. No wasting time, straight to how to say the phrases you need.

  • Obtaining patient details and complaints

  • Explaining procedures

  • Learn sensitivity language i.e overweight, obese

  • Asking about self-harm

  • Informing relatives about death

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All the benefits of Medicine 1 and more. Medicine 2 will take your English to the next level! Get the respect and attention you deserve when you speak English. Once you have an excellent foundation of grammar it’s even more challenging to improve. This course provides you with an in-depth look at obtaining information in the most difficult medical situations.

  • Emergency medicine

  • Accidents

  • Sports medicine

  • Surgery

  • Cardiology

  • Technology

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