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For medical providers and professionals that want to save time and maintain quality. All services are focused on you achieving your goals with ease.

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Language classes and research reviews

Develop your professional skills with us online or in-person. The three main career development areas where we can help you or your staff include:

  • Language training with structured courses designed to help medical professionals reach a specific goal at maximum speed. Materials are always tailored to you or your organization. 

  • Online or On-site Workshops for groups and individuals are available either directly at the client’s location or an exclusive off-site venue. 

  • Transform your Research papers into ready to publish articles. Our experience is in American and British journal standards and making your investigations well understood.


Work abroad or at home

The founder of the company relocated from Canada to Spain and really understands the challenges that a professional can face when trying to get work experience outside their country. The checklist to get yourself abroad isn’t short, precisely why we are here to assist you in removing the biggest item of your list -a job. This experience is completely catered to you, your needs and desires for work placement. We consider where you want to go and what resources you want available to you, and provide you with the English language training you need to get there. Book a free consultation to discuss your career plans now.


Online and Onsite conferences

At Medicidiom we’ve fostered an incredible pool of talented medical professionals. An amazing group of people, they are open to sharing their skills and knowledge internationally, to not only make their surroundings better, but to make a difference globally. These star candidates are ready and equipped to join your team. You can choose from candidates that meet the language and degree requirements, or you have staff who need language training, we are here to help!

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