Online Communicatons


Personalized individual and group sessions


One time or monthly options available

The course designs are structured to maximize your learning and minimize the required time.

  • Polishing your public speaking events and speech delivery

  • Get the speaking practice you need to prepare for various medical licensing exams and thesis presentations

  • Prepare for work or study abroad by connecting native pronunciation, advanced grammar, and phrasal verbs to your medical specialty.


Join a group or form your own

Currently we offer three different types of group session that are aim at advancing the international medical professional, who is ready and willing to communicate with other professionals and patients in English.

  • Medicine 1 

  • Medicine 2 

  • Cambridge preparation

Max class size is 10 participants and students will do at least 70% of the speaking during sessions. Online homework drop off and pick up, makes keeping up with class easy. Session are recorded and uploaded so that you can review or catch up if you miss one. 

These service are available for single and monthly use. Check out our monthly plans to save even more.